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Let 'Em Speak

Let ‘Em Speak is a podcast about the risks and rewards of real talk by real people in the real world.

Your hosts are David, Christineand Bjørn.

Mar 29, 2021

Mark Brown ( won Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in 1995, defeating more than 20,000 contestants from 14 countries. Since then, he has delivered over 3,500 presentations to over 1.7 million people, on 5 continents. He is also a National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional. Mark has been featured in the New York Times, Men’s Health, on CNN Headline News, and even had his own PBS Special, ‘Words Count – with Mark Brown,’ which was nominated for an Emmy Award. He is the co-author of the book The Speaker’s Edge, and co-host of the weekly Unforgettable Presentations Podcast. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Brown immigrated to the United States at the age of 18 with only $40 in his pocket and a dream for a better life. He now lives in Lizella, GA, USA, with Andrea, his wife of more than 35 years.

By listening to this conversation with Mark, you’ll learn about:

- Speaking with composure without losing your individual identity

- The diversity among winners of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking

- Using your accent as an asset

- Speaking truth with dignity

- Having a positive impact on the world through communication

- Being aware of discrimination in communication without becoming bitter